Ami's Story: A graduate of Israel's Rupin Academic Centre, Ami has been working as an industrial electrician and industrial management technologist since the 1980's. From an early age on, Ami has been building things like electrical bicycles, wind power stations until he eventually refined his talent and specialized in industrial automation. He immigrated to Canada in 1993, was hired as the manager of Vancouver's Pita Plus bakery, and with his background in industrial automation, turned the bakery's manual pita bread baking machine into a fully automated system, outputting 2000 pitas per hour from the previous 600 units. In 2001 Pita Plus received an innovation grant from the NRC for Ami's innovative design of an automated pita bread baking machine. While working at the bakery, Ami came up with an idea to turn Vancouver's Stanley Park outdoor swimming pool into a public hot spa, after seeing the popularity of the hot spa trend in Europe. He designed and built a replica model of Stanley Park's Second Beach Pool, and presented it to Vancouver Park Board management, who agreed to his project. The project, however, could not lift off as heating the pool water would

be extremely expensive without a proper cover to prevent heat loss. After consulting mechanical engineers and speaking with pool cover manufacturers, Ami realized that no pool covers over 1500 sq. ft. existed in the worldwide market. This is when the idea for the Floatek pool cover was born. Ami ran his idea by the Stanley Park pool manager, and was encouraged by him to pursue this innovation as the market for such a product has been to date untouched. In fact, current pool covers only present 5 percent of the potential market for private, commercial and public pools. Moreover, these pool covers only provide the added features of either insulation or human safety, yet not both. Ami has been developing the Floatek Tiling System since 2001, while being self-employed as an electrician. In 2007, he expanded his operation from a small backyard garage into a machine shop, where he's been developing the Floatek prototypes and producing metal parts for other industry professionals. His 1600 sq. ft. warehouse boasts, among others, a CNC machine, an ultra-sonic plastic welder, a compressor vacuum machine, and a small milling machine. Ami owns all the equipment necessary for producing the parts of a full-sized Floatek Tiling System.

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